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The prevention and control of air pollution in winter

On October 29, the Ministry of Ecological Environment held a press conference.
"In this year's crucial action plan for autumn and winter, there is no requirement for mandatory peak-shifting production or large-scale shutdown. We firmly oppose the perfunctory measures such as shutting down all operations, stopping first and then again." On the morning of October 29, a spokesman for the Ministry of Ecological Environment, Liu Youbin, said at a press conference that in autumn and winter this year, all localities should do a good job in preventing and controlling air pollution in autumn and winter in strict accordance with laws and regulations.
Liu Youbin introduced at the press conference that it is predicted that due to the influence of El Nino, the overall deviation of meteorological conditions in autumn and winter 2019-2020 will not be conducive to the diffusion of air pollutants, further increasing the pressure of air pollution control, and greater efforts and more practical measures must be taken to offset the negative impact of adverse meteorological conditions.
Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, in conjunction with relevant departments and localities, issued the "Action Plan for Comprehensive Control of Air Pollution in Autumn and Winter 2019-2020 in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and Surrounding Areas", which makes overall arrangements and deployment for comprehensive control of air pollution in autumn and winter in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and surrounding areas this year. It is proposed that Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and surrounding areas should fully achieve the 2019 environmental air quality improvement target, with the average concentration of PM2.5 falling 4% and the number of days of severe and above pollution falling 6% year on year during autumn and winter.
"This year's crucial autumn and winter campaign will stick to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability and will continue to push forward the past effective and good experiences and practices." Liu Youbin pointed out that on the basis of maintaining the continuity of work, this year's crucial action in autumn and winter places more emphasis on legality, scientificity, pertinence and operability.
According to the Action Plan, differentiated emergency management will be implemented in autumn and winter this year to effectively deal with heavy pollution weather. All localities are required to further improve the emergency plan for heavy pollution weather, consolidate the emergency emission reduction measures, implement classified and classified management and control of enterprises in accordance with the Guidance on Strengthening Response to Heavy Pollution Weather and Tamping Emergency Emission Reduction Measures, so that enterprises that reach Grade A may not take emission reduction measures during heavy pollution weather emergency, and enterprises of Grade B may appropriately take less emission reduction measures.
Liu Youbin said that when determining the target for improving the urban environmental air quality in autumn and winter 2019-2020, full consideration should be given to the actual situation and operability of the work in various places. According to the PM2.5 concentration value in the last autumn and winter and the cumulative decline in the past two autumn and winter, the cities are divided into different grades, and each grade improvement target is set. The higher the PM2.5 concentration in the last autumn and winter, the smaller the cumulative decline, the higher the target in this autumn and winter.
Jiangsu has issued regulations on the prevention and control of air pollution, providing a reference for local governments to control air pollution according to law. Jiangsu has promoted the application of 10,000 new energy vehicles, eliminated 3,100 small coal-fired boilers, and promoted 10 key technologies for comprehensive utilization of straw. The control of air pollution requires the joint participation of local governments at all levels, enterprises and the general public, vigorously expands and implements new businesses, further enhances the comprehensive strength of environmental control, and actively assists enterprises to achieve the goal of ecological civilization construction throughout the year.